Heatherwood Constitution

    Students who attend Heatherwood Elementary are expected to behave according to the student written Heatherwood Constitution.

    We the students of Heatherwood School believe that all students, staff and parents should live by the following:

    People should not be judged or
    made fun of for their color, religion,
    or other differences.
    Everyone should have the right to
    speak their point of view and not
    be teased for expressing it.
    People should not be judged by
    their physical appearance or  their
    abilities or lack of abilities.
    Treat all students and staff with
    kindness and care. 
    A hearing for a discipline, with
    witnesses called, is the right of
    every student.
    Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    It is the expectation that all Heatherwood students will:

    • Listen, speak and act respectfully to all adults and students
    • Respect the property of others
    • Behave in ways that will not harm themselves, others, or any property
    • Follow cafeteria, classroom and playground rules

    Heatherwood Elementary Communication Agreements:

    • Positive intent in search of a positive outcome
    • Active listening/clarification
    • Appropriate form and time
    • First person communication
    • Be empathetic and respectful