Internet Safety

    Parents:  It is four o’clock in the afternoon. Even if you hear your youngster in the next room listening to music and clicking away on the computer, do you really know where your child is?  The internet is a wonderful, powerful device.  But like most powerful tools, users need to heed caution.  While it is all too easy to think “not my child,” the trappings of the internet are real.  You help keep your child safe on the internet by using the following suggestions and resources.


    Help keep your child safe while using the internet:

    • Monitor your child's internet use.
    • Talk with your child.  Ask questions and ask often.
    • Keep your computer in an open, visible place like the family room.
    • Beware of cyber-bully, child-predator, and identity theft situations.  Report them appropriately.
    • Never share private information like your name, address, phone number or school on social sites.
    • Keep your spyware and anti-virus software up to date.
    • If you would not let your child say it or do it in real life, don't let them say it or do it online.

    For more information, visit the sites below:

    Com​mon Sense Media

    Common sense is a nonprofit organization that helps parents, teachers, and students get a handle on digital media in the 21st century. The site reviews and rates media and provides advice on best practices for keeping kids safe in this media saturated world.