Music classes at Heatherwood are coordinated with academic activities and support the various content areas of the classroom - literacy, science, and social studies. Our music program provides a myriad of opportunities to perform, compose, and experiment through music, allowing each child to express themselves in a unique way.  The students’ love of music is shared as each grade level performs a musical program for parents.
    Students have opportunities to learn music concepts through singing, playing instruments, moving and listening.  Reading notation and composing, music history and appreciation and performance are also a regular part of the program. 
    In addition to music classes, Heatherwood also gives an opportunity for 4th and 5th grade students to join the school Hot Shots Choir.  5th grade students also can participate in band or orchestra by learning to play an instrument of choice.  
    ​More information on band and orchestra can be found on the Instrumental Music Website​.


    Students experience a wide range of activities that develop their musical knowledge and ability in five conceptual areas:

    • Rhythm 
    • Melody 
    • Harmony 
    • Form (the structure of music) 
    • Expressive Qualities 

    The activities and essential experiences within these five areas will always follow the develop mental sequence for musical instruction with children:
    • All music learning begins with the ear. 
    • Music skills are first expressed through the voice and the body; instruments are an extension of these. 
    • Children need experience in hearing, naming, and producing musical sounds before music symbols are introduced and meaning brought to symbols. 

    The characteristics of the music program throughout the grade levels at Heatherwood include:
    • Moving, singing/speaking, listening, playing, reading/notating, and creating/improvising are activities that students are involved in during music classes. 
    • The approach is layered, beginning with speech, movement, and song, then extends to unpitched percussion, barred instruments, and recorder. 
    • Solfege and rhythmic notation are used in the primary grades as a bridge to ‘reading’ music in the intermediate grades. 
    • The soprano recorder is used as a tool in the upper grades to support the music reading standard.  Guitar instruction begins in 5th grade. 
    • Students are assessed during regular classroom activities in grades K-3.  BVSD requires a formal music assessment at the end of 4th grade. 
    • The music curriculum at Heatherwood functions as a part of the total educational program in the school;  Integrating reading, language, math, social studies, and the science of sound in the  music repertoire. 

    Additional information on Heatherwood's Music Curriculum and other related topics, including the 5th grade instrumental music, can be found on the BVSD Music Curriculum website at


     Meet Our Music Teacher



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     Meet Our Instrumental Music Teachers



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