Kindergarten Enrichment


    Kindergarten Enrichment (KE) at Heatherwood is a fee-based licensed program to complement our Kindergarten program.  It is offered 5 days/week (M-F), 3 days/week (M/W/F), or 2 days/week (Tu/Th), depending on the needs of the family and student.  

    The objective of the Kindergarten Enrichment program is to provide an enriching, safe environment for kindergarten aged children needing a full day experience. Our classrooms are inclusive, caring communities which complements the BVSD half-day Kindergarten program at Heatherwood​.  The programming is specifically designed for 5-6 year old children and includes lunch and recess. 
    Kindergarten Enrichment supports the concept of educating the whole child through play. Through the medium of play, children use their newly gained skills and resources to co-construct an understanding of the world around them. The expansion of social-emotional skills and creativity builds a foundation that is key to educational success. 

    We strive to create a joyful, dynamic community of lifelong learners who explore new ideas and interests together. We build social skills and facilitate learning using children's natural curiosity, imagination, and thinking skills.

    Heatherwood Kindergarten Enrichment (KE) Hours: 

    • Morning KE Session: 8:00am-10:45am
    • *Supervised Lunch & Recess: 10:45am-11:45am 
    • Afternoon KE Session: 11:45am-2:30pm

    *Lunch Options:  Children may bring a lunch or purchase one from the school cafeteria

    BVSD Resources

    Additional information about the KE program, tuition, and applications can be found on the BVSD Kindergarten Enrichment Website

     Meet Our Kindergarten Enrichment (KE) Staff



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