Intramural Sports

    ​Intramural sports are offered to all 4th and 5th grade Heatherwood students as an after school activity, free of charge.

    ​The program expands the fourth and fifth grade physical education curriculum by providing students, who so choose, an opportunity for further skill application in a more competitive setting. This is a time for students to appreciate their personal skill level as they learn more about blending with the diverse skill levels of their peers in a competitive game situation.

    ​Registration and scheduling is done through the Intramural Coordinator listed below.  All forms are handed out at school.  Information is posted on bulletin board outside of gym and PE office.

    ​​2019-20 Intramural Sports Schedule

    Indoor Floor Hockey

    • Mondays September 9- Oct. 28

    Tumbling & Gymnastics

    • Tuesdays & Fridays November 5- November 22

    IMPORTANT! For safety reasons, this intramural is limited to the first  30 students who sign up!  There is no competition involved, this is more like open gym.

    Indoor Soccer

    • Tuesdays February 11- March 17

    Fifth graders serve as captains. We will have the same teams throughout and scores and standings kept. Playoffs and a Championship will be held. Captains are in charge of substitutes.​

    Running Club
    • April 2020- Check back for more information

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     Intramural Coordinator



    Beth Cendali{dc383e36-2d49-4094-bac9-a1a73bc483e7}Beth CendaliTEACHERGP0|#375485de-6b54-4f6b-8500-155f61867ebc;L0|#0375485de-6b54-4f6b-8500-155f61867ebc|Physical Education;GTSet|#047c81e0-37dc-4eae-934f-e677abc2b456;GPP|#ac90095b-9ee0-42c4-9b52-26efaebea9b3;GPP|#6ad9fbb3-bf89-49b8-9e36-ddd3131d80d6;GPP|#4d055820-42d8-4f9b-843d-27bc329df1ff;GP0|#549cc945-b672-43d1-843e-840a6b16c0c4;L0|#0549cc945-b672-43d1-843e-840a6b16c0c4|Specialists;GPP|#a2b06d31-c461-4bcb-b12b-273c96e77b9bIntramural Sports Coordinator720-561-6947beth.cendali@bvsd.org, @HWoodPE