Activities and Clubs

    Heatherwood has many activities available to students to participate in.
    There are many school sponsored activities which are free to students.  In addition, the PTO sponsors after school activities open to all students.  More details can be found on the Heatherwood ​PTO​ Website or the links below.

    After School Classes

    The after school classes available at Heatherwood can be found through BVSD Lifelong Learning or through an independent organization listed in the Community Connections Resource Webpage or on the bulletin board in the main hallway of the school.  Note that the independent organizations are not BVSD-endorsed but simply rent space (classroom or gym) the building through the BVSD Community School program. 



    After School Childcare (SAC){dc383e36-2d49-4094-bac9-a1a73bc483e7}After School Childcare (SAC)<p>BVSD School Age Care (SAC) offers an inclusive, licensed, fee-based and fun program for children after school at Heatherwood. </p>
    Design Thinking{dc383e36-2d49-4094-bac9-a1a73bc483e7}Design Thinking<p>Heatherwood's PTO Design Thinking Challenge Night is an expieriential night for the whole family. Join Heatherwood staff and the community to learn more about the Design Thinking process.​</p>
    Fitness Fun Day{dc383e36-2d49-4094-bac9-a1a73bc483e7}Fitness Fun Day<p>​All students enjoy Fitness Fun Days in May during the school day.</p>
    Heather Heatherwood{dc383e36-2d49-4094-bac9-a1a73bc483e7}Heather Heatherwood<p><span></span>This school-wide event is Heatherwood’s own one mile fun run modeled after the famous Bolder Boulder.</p>
    Instrumental Music{dc383e36-2d49-4094-bac9-a1a73bc483e7}Instrumental Music<p>​​​​​​​​​​​​​Instrumental Music is offered to 5th grade students at Heatherwood as a part of the curriculum.</p>
    Intramural Sports{dc383e36-2d49-4094-bac9-a1a73bc483e7}Intramural Sports<p>​Intramural sports are offered to all 4th and 5th grade Heatherwood students as an after school activity, free of charge.</p>
    Jump Rope for Heart{dc383e36-2d49-4094-bac9-a1a73bc483e7}Jump Rope for Heart<p>​This Jump Rope for Heart Event happens during PE time at Heatherwood in February.</p>
    Outdoor Education{dc383e36-2d49-4094-bac9-a1a73bc483e7}Outdoor Education<p>​This program is an overnight field trip for 5th grade students.</p>
    Running Club{dc383e36-2d49-4094-bac9-a1a73bc483e7}Running Club<p>​Running club is a volunteer led program open to all students as an after school activity 2x/week in April & May.</p>
    Student Council{dc383e36-2d49-4094-bac9-a1a73bc483e7}Student Council<p>​​​​Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade are elected to be on Student Council.</p>
    Treble Clefs Choir{dc383e36-2d49-4094-bac9-a1a73bc483e7}Treble Clefs Choir<p>​​​​​​The school choir is for 4th and 5th grade students and has several performances throughout the year.​</p>