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Physical Education

Two 2nd graders climbing a net in PE

The Physical Education (PE) program at Heatherwood couples specific grade level activities and goals with challenges and strives to build a well-rounded, physically-fit student. The K-2 grade curriculum emphasizes a foundation of fundamental movement and manipulative skills. The 3rd grade students begin to apply those skills. The 4th and 5th grade curriculum is sports-related and emphasizes team play and learning to be a contributing team member. In addition to in-class instruction, PE holds many special activities during the year like Fitness Fun Days, Jump Rope for Heart, and after-school intramurals. 

Special Activities

What to wear during PE class?

Proper, comfortable fitting clothing and athletic shoes on PE days helps your child learn.  Safety and full participation are very important and can be limited without the proper supplies. Boots, shoes with heels, flip flops, open toe shoes/sandals, and crocs are all heavily discouraged.  I also encourage students to bring water bottles to class. There is not a fountain in the gym, having his/her own water bottle available is the best plan for students. As a general rule, toes need to be covered, the shoe is tight to the foot, and has a tread for moving.


If a child is in school, it is assumed that he/she is healthy and capable of participating in all PE activities.  Please send a note or email if a child needs to be excused from PE due to injury or illness.  If you have any questions, please contact the PE teacher.


The Physical Education program at Heatherwood is a developmentally appropriate curriculum for grades K-5 providing each student the opportunity to become a skillful, active, lifelong mover.   This program is based on the National Content Standards for Physical Education as established by SHAPE AMERICA and follows the design of the Boulder Valley School district curriculum. The PE portion of the report card will reflect these changes and continues to be standard based. Learn more about the P.E. curriculum below.  

P.E. Focus By Grade Level

Kindergarten – Activities focus on gross locomotor movement, patterns and planning.  Individual work is stressed in a cooperative format.

1st and 2nd Grades – Fundamental movement patterns, manipulative skills, and themes of movement are the focus areas.  Students begin to work in small groups stressing cooperative team building.  

3rd Grade - Third grade serves as a transition year into specific sport skills from themes taught in the lower grades.  Applying movement and manipulative skills to a specific activity in the form of lead-up games, small sided sport specific activities all introduced this year.

4th Grade - Further integration of specific skills into the form of specific sport related activities continues. 

5th Grade - Fine-tuning and strategy begin to see more focus.  The emphasis is refining the element of skill as well as team play and learning to be a contributing team member.  ​

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student climbing rope
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Meet our Physical Education Teacher

Beth Cendali

Job Title: Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-6947