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Mission & Vision

kids standing in front of a huskies sign


​Heatherwood Elementary’s mission is to educate students to be respectful, responsible citizens who persevere through challenges and who proudly and peacefully contribute, both intellectually and emotionally, to make the world a better place. 


Heatherwood fosters a meaningful academic, social, emotional and cultural education in partnership with our community, which prepares students to be confident, compassionate and contributing citizens of the 21st century.

Value Statements

★ We empower students to reach their natural potential and strive for personal greatness.

★ Students are engaged in a rigorous and differentiated curriculum where mistakes are celebrated as an integral part of the learning process. 

★ Physical Education, Music, and Art are inherently valued and create meaningful connections and tangible manifestations of the academic curriculum and life. 

★ We provide opportunities for students to create real world connections through inquiry, technology, and authentic learning experiences. 

★ We develop critical and creative thinkers whose curiosity engages them with the world. 

★ A positive and empathetic learning environment is promoted where children are valued, respected, and safe, allowing them to take risks while learning to embrace uniqueness. 

★ Collaboration and communication occurs among faculty, families, students and the community to support student growth and development. 

★ Diversity is taught and celebrated through an inclusive and accepting environment leading to lasting friendships and relationships. 

★​ Staff are valued as both community members and respected professionals who continually grow with their students.