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Heatherwood Community Engagement Phase

Heatherwood is beginning a community engagement process to collaboratively develop recommendations regarding future programming and educational experiences in response to declining enrollment at the school.

Heatherwood Educational Advisory Team

The Team is intended to provide a high level of accountability, involvement, and communication with the Heatherwood and Boulder Valley School District communities to ensure stakeholders are engaged and their values and priorities are reflected in decision-making. The Team is advisory in nature and approval for programmatic changes remains with District staff and the Board of Education.



On Feb. 27, 2024 the Board of Education heard a report about enrollment projections and school building capacity for BVSD elementary schools for the next five years. Projections indicate that enrollment will decline for nearly all BVSD schools in the coming years. 

The full report from staff to the Board of Education is available to watch here

For Heatherwood, enrollment as of October 1, 2023* was 226, meaning the school has enough students for 1.5 classes at each grade level, and the building, which is designed for nearly 500 students, will be running at just over 40% capacity. Furthermore, Heatherwood’s projected enrollment is expected to continue this declining trend for the next 5 years with enrollment likely landing closer to 200 by October 2028.

Because school districts are funded on a per pupil basis, as enrollment declines, school budgets also shrink. At Heatherwood, in the coming years as funding declines with enrollment, it will become more and more challenging to continue to provide the resources, opportunities, and robust educational experience that Heatherwood students deserve. 

*Official student count for CDE funding

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