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Annual Theme Book: The Proudest Blue

We are delighted to introduce our annual theme book: The Proudest Blue by Ibthaj Muhammad. Watch this read-aloud video and think about these life lessons about PRIDE,  our yearly theme: 

  • The hijab is really important to celebrate for two sisters, Asiya and Faizah, and their family. We all have special things that may be related to our culture, religion or ethnicity that we can celebrate.
  • Asiya and Faizah are strong like the color blue, like the ocean. We can celebrate with each other and be proud of who we are, together. We are the proudest blue too!
Teacher Assignments & School Supplies

Our beloved Heatherwood teachers are back and getting ready for the school year! See the tables below for updated classroom teacher assignments and school supply lists. We can't wait to meet you. Paws Up!

Welcome back from the Front Office!

Welcome Huskies! The front office staff is back in the building most days from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. 

Call us at 720-561-6900 or stop by to ask a question. Social distancing protocol enforced, of course. We look forward to connecting!



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