School Communications

    ​​​​​​​Communication between school, parents and teachers is vital to our success.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers, staff and the principal as needed. All teachers and staff have voicemail and email in addition to being available for one-on-one meetings.  See the Staff Directory for contact information.  
    Parent Teacher Conferences
    Parent teacher conferences are held twice a year to ensure that the lines of communication are well established and any issues or questions are addressed.  A Conference Sign Up doc is sent out 1.5 weeks prior to the start of conferences and parents are asked to sign up for the time slot that fits best for their family.
    To facilitate effective classroom and student specific communication, Friday Folders are sent home with each student which includes classroom work, teacher updates and other pertinent information. 
    Parent Communication

    In addition to teacher emails, the Husky Hype is emailed to all families every Friday providing reminders and information for the upcoming week.  Parents are asked to monitor their email daily as emails are sometimes sent out before Friday communications.  

    PTO Communication 
    The Heatherwood Parent Teacher Organization is a very active and vital part of the success of Heatherwood Elementary.  Look out for information from the PTO in the Husky Hype.

    School Flyers

    In an effort to honor our Green Star School rating, Heatherwood tries to limit the amount of paper flyers coming home in Friday Folders.  You will find links to websites and documents in emails and in the Husky Hype more often than an actual flyer coming home.