School Improvement Team (SIT)


    This important advisory committee's goal is to help all Heatherwood students grow and achieve.

     SIT at Heatherwood

    The School Improvement Team (SIT) is one of the many important opportunities for parents to be involved at Heatherwood. SIT is a cooperative effort of parents, community members, staff and administration who work together to examine school achievement and climate data and make recommendations to the principal regarding the use of school resources (time, money, programs and use of staff) and to guide the school improvement efforts. 

    Parents interested in serving on the School Improvement Team will need to commit to:

    • Reading the BVSD SIT Manual
    • Attending six meetings throughout the school year
    • Focusing on realistic and workable solutions to help Heatherwood students

    If you have questions about SIT, please contact the Heatherwood Office at 720-561-5585.​

    2015-10-01 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2015-11-05 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2015-12-10 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2016-01-07 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2016-02-04 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2016-03-31 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2016-05-05 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2016-09-07 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2016-10-05 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2016-11-02 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2017-02-01 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2017-09-12 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2017-11-14 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2018-02-20 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2018-04-10 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2018-09-11 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2018-10-09 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2018-11-13 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2019-01-30 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2019-04-09 SAC Minutes.pdf
    2019-09-17 SIT Minutes.pdf
    2019-11-14 SIT Minutes.pdf
    2020-1-30 SIT Minutes.pdf
    ​​Colorado state law requires that every school has an active School Improvement Team (formerly SAC).   For further details of the role of SIT/SAC, please read the comprehensive SAC H​andbook that was created by BVSD’s DAC Communications Subcommittee.

     Unified Improvement Plan (UIP)

    ​​An effective school improvement planning committee allows schools to develop a strategic 2-year plan known as the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) that focuses on quality education and high levels of student achievement. The plan will drive measurable improvement in achievement and academic growth for all students, as well as measurable improvement in attendance and enrollment, and in school climate and culture. The “UIP” will be used as a regular resource, or “blueprint,” for parents, community, faculty, school staff, students and district administration.